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Protect Yourself with Reverse Image Search

August 23, 2019 Posted by Pamela M

Google offers reverse image search

Social interaction online has a wide range of possibilities. However, some of those opportunities are too good to be true. This includes online dating sites and shopping deals that seem unreal. As the Internet grows, people turn to truth finding apps, including reverse image search.

What is Reverse Image Search?

People use a phone number lookup app on a regular basis to protect themselves from telemarketers and scammers. Reverse image search is an online tool that uses a search engine to get information, much like a number search. However, it uses a photograph to link to similar photos online. People use it to identify celebrities, to shop and, to check out people they meet on dating websites. Users can upload a picture or enter a URL into the search engine for results.

How Does it Work?

Reverse image search uses various methods. Some search engines focus on the colors in the pictures as well as the textures that are apparent.  The textures are turned into 2D grey graphs, which are used to search for matching images. It may also use the shape of the image as a determining factor. Those factors are used along with a mathematical algorithm to compare images input by users.

Why Should You Use It?

You can do a search for many reasons. Perhaps you saw a painting and would like to find out more about the artist. You see a jacket that you’d like to buy and need to find a store that carries it. Some use it to identify a celebrity whose name they’ve forgotten. You can also use it to ensure the identity of someone you met online.

Online Dating

Many use reverse image search programs to identify someone from a dating website. Scammers often use photos of celebrities or other people to trick lonely hearts out of their money. Search programs provide information about the person if the picture can be located. In that sense, these types of programs help to protect the safety of the user.

Popular Search Engines

There are many popular search engines on the market, including apps and online sites. Following are the most popular:

Google Search by Image

Google Search by Image is the most popular search engine. You can paste an image’s URL or upload an image. The site covers most of Internet and also offers add-ons to popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Google Goggles

Google Goggles is an app made for Android. You can also use it to scan QR codes and translate text into another language.


TinEye conducts highly effective searches using an index of more than 12 billion images. It has an advantage over other search engines because it was created to search images.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search uses Yandex, TinEye, Bing and Google to search billions of images. Users like its accuracy and reliability.


Whatever reason you use a reverse image search program, always do your research to find the best program for you.